Crazy Good Testimonials

Andrea | IA

"I've never met a more dedicated professional in her field.  The knowledge Amanda knows is outstanding and I would recommend her business to anyone in need.  This Iowa gal will not let you down!"

Bret | MN

"This business woman is incredible.  Amazing business!"

Hellen | TX

"A big thank you from me and my friend and jersey cow, Maggie.  No other AI service has ever taken such time and effort to make sure she settles.  Seven AI breeding efforts in 2015 by others that were not successful.  Thank you Amanda Sears!

Championship Roughstock

Challenge | Amarillo, TX

"Most people who personally know me know that I've dedicated my life up to this point in the livestock breeding and nutrition industry and have consulted and work with some of the industry leaders.  With having said that Amanda is a very passionate and committed expert to the cattle industry.  I highly recommend and endorse her and her expertise to anyone who wants a true professional and personally will be using her for all my own personal livestock breeding needs."

Lisa | Cleburne, TX

"Just wanted to say thank you so much Amanda!  You have no idea how much I have learned from you.  You my dear are simply amazing and I am so grateful to have been blessed with you coming into our lives!"

Joe | Dublin, TX

"Do not recall how I found Amanda but I will share with you my thoughts: I had one Jersey heifer that I need serviced artificially so I called her.  She treated me and my one heifer as if I had an entire herd.  She was most professional, on time, and friendly and most knowledgeable in all aspects of the AI service.  Her charges were more than fair even though I had only one heifer.  Oh, by the way, she produced a pregnant heifer the first time - and that is not easy."

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