Crazy A focuses on more than just breeding services. Herd health and management are vital for a producers success. Herd management ensures quality production turning it into top dollar returns. Whether you just need breeding services or a full herd consult Crazy A has the knowledge, schooling and resources to ensure success in your herd. Small hobby farm or large ranch the passion is the same healthy herds and top production. 


When performing this service, the heifer is checked both externally and internal for soundness at 10 months of age. Externally she is checked for: leg/feet soundness, body condition, teeth, eyes and teat/underline uniformity.


A rectal exam is then performed by going in and picking up the two horns of the uterus. The ovaries in both the left and right horns of the uterus are checked for tone/firmness. (During the exam if it is noted that there is no tone in the ovary it will feel like a noodle. It will receive a score of 1 or 2 meaning there is no life). If there’s no tone if it feels like a noodle there’s no life to it that’s a score of 1 or 2. If it’s got slight tone that’s a 3 which is a maybe. You may want to keep a 3 based on other characteristics you see. Four and 5 are good tone. When you pick up the horn, it’s alive it’s got some firmness to it. The 1 and 2 are culled

A pelvimeter is then used to take measurements of her hip structure, a formula is used to calculate how big of a calf that heifer can safely produce at the age of 2. It’s important to measure because you can’t tell just by looking. A lot of heifers are 120 sq. cm. but they look big and it’s genetic trait. You want to get out those that are small, less than 140 sq. cm. Its is not 100% but is a great guide and definitely has its place for heifer selection.


Once the heifers are confirmed sound a nutritional ration is put in place to ensure proper development. The ration is customized to each ranchers availability of products and cost effective. She should have a BCS (body score condition) of at least 6 before breeding. At a BCS  the ribs as well as the backbone and the hooks and pins should be well covered. Ideally we want them in a little bit more flesh than cows. it’s best to have heifers at 65% of their mature weight at breeding ensure sexual maturity.


A customized worming and vaccination protocol is then put in place for the whole herd. We recommend vaccination and worming 30 days before breeding if not sooner.


Not every ranch or every situation is the same so that is why Crazy A takes the time with each rancher to come up with the most effective program keeping cost low.        

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