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We understand that not everyone has a full set-up.  Between all of our locations and agent expertise, we're equipped to handle all kinds of livestock and farm/ranch needs.  

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A Note from the Owner

"My passion for the livestock industry comes from growing up on a family farm in Iowa with my father raising cattle, hogs, sheep and horses.  Through High School and during my studies for Animal Nutrition/Science at a local college, I worked for Dr. Nicole Knaack, DVM, at a large vet clinic.  While working under Dr. Knaack, I was mentored on cattle reproduction, performed embryo transfers, IVF, artificial insemination, vaccination protocols and pregnancy determination.


Fast forward to marriage and children.  With a background in animal nutrition, herd management and artificial insemination, Crazy A ranch was born.  We focus on herd health, increased productivity and profitability.  Working alongside some of the top producers in the industry, I stay informed in all the latest protocols and industry standards to better serve my clients.  I look forward to assisting producers and ranchers to develop the best program for any operation, while always keeping their family and bottom-line in mind."    

Amanda Sears

Owner, Paragon Cattle Services, LLC

18610 I20 Cisco, TX 76437


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