Ranching is a family tradition handed down and improved on from generation to generation. 

Paragon Cattle Services, LLC: 

With Paragon Cattle Services all your herd health, nutrition, chute side services, heifer development and marketing needs are met. With customized mineral programs that are cost effective and ensure your cattle are at their best. Marketing calves, cows and bred heifers skipping the dreaded sale barn. We take the stress out of what can be the most stressful time for you and your cattle. 

Crazy A and Paragon Cattle Services have built a team of experts to best serve you. This amazing team is more like a family and as a family we all have the same dream. That dream is to see other producers do great things and together we accomplish that, PRODUCING A QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR CONSUMERS!

Insurance Services

Covering all your insurance needs, specializing in farm/ranch and livestock. Individual mortality, herd to semen and embryo coverage's. I now the risk that come with the business and can best assist you, going the extra mile to make sure all your insuring needs are met!

DBA- Crazy A Breeding Services: 

Serves the cattlemen and women of Texas and the surrounding states. 

Providing a wide range of reproductive services to many breeders I understand no herd is the same. I take the time to customize program's  just for you. Breeding for large dairies, commercial beef producers and specializing in Longhorn and Mini Zebu's, no herd is to small to benefit from my services.  


New to the industry or just looking at new ways to improve your herd, I take the time to sit down and help you develop program's that best fit you and your herd. Once a breeding program is established and put in place I help you with sire selection. Sire selection is based off what you the producer are looking to improve or develop in your herd.   

Artificial Insemination adds value to your herd by being able to breed to proven sires with out having to maintain the bull and the cost of a that proven sire. 

Bring Them To Us

We understand that not everyone has a set up, with the available pen space we can work 20hd calmly and efficiently here in Stephenville. The breed box you see in the pictures can hold tow cows calmly while they are worked on. Breed box's have been proven to increase conception rates due to the calm environment. We will house cattle for up to 10 days to get bred. This will ensure cattle are watched for heat and saves trips back and forth creating less stress on everyone. 

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Breeding Services 

  • All Breeds of Cattle

    • ​Pure Bred 

    • Commercial

  • Goats 

  • Semen storage is available to customers free of charge.

  • Together, Genex and predecessors have provided high-quality semen from breed-leading sires for over 60 years.

  • Blood can be drawn on cows and heifers at 28 days or more post-breeding and cows must be 73 days post-calving to ensure accuracy


  • Trip Charge - $75
  • Hourly Rate (once on farm) - $150
  • Synchronization (per head) - $20 
  • Blood Pregnancy Test (per head) - $3
  • Bring them to us Cow Care - $8/hd per day
  • Preg check 30 days after AI service - FREE
Breeding Soundness Exam:
 (for both bull and heifer development) 
  • BSE isn't just for bulls. Heifer development is vital for your herds future. This service includes vaccination/worming protocols, pelvic measurements to determine the size of calf the heifer can produce at 2 years of age. She is palpated to ensure proper development of reproductive organs and nutrition requirements. 



My passion for the livestock industry comes from growing up on a family farm in Iowa with my father raising cattle, hogs, sheep and horses. I attended a local college and studied Animal Nutrition/Science. While in high school, all through college, and up until 2012 I worked for a local large animal vet clinic. While working under Dr. Nicole Knaack, DVM I was mentored on cattle reproduction performing Embryo Transfers, IVF, Artificial Insemination, Vaccination Protocols and Pregnancy Determination. 

 With a background in Animal Nutrition, Herd Management and Artificial Insemination, I have the knowledge for; over all herd health, increased productivity and profitably. Working alongside some of the top producers in the industry and continuing education, I stay informed on all the latest protocols and industry standards.

I assist producers in helping them develop the best programs for their herd on a project to project basis.

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From the bottom of my heart I just want to take a second to say thank you to the ones that have truly helped me grow and get where I am today. With out your love and support none of this would be possible. I thank the good Lord everyday for all the blessings he has brought into my life. With him and my loved ones by my side I know anything is possible.

I truly have such a passion for this industry because I was one of the lucky ones, raised on a family farm, where the work was never done and the life lessons are what made me who I am today!

I love you all and may God bless you like he has me!


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