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"there is no traffic on the extra mile"

I go the extra mile not because its my "job" because your the reason why I'm here and why i do what i do 

Livestock Insurance

Take the stress out of insurance. I go to work for you, making sure you are getting the best coverage's the industry has to offer. I sit down with you and together we go over exactly what your looking for. I will explain coverage's, rates and answer any other questions you may have. With generations of livestock experience and customer service you can be confident your getting the best.  

  • Specializing in Livestock, Show stock and Equine coverage's.

  • Also providing Farm/Ranch - Trucking- Mortality&Infertility 

Whether your looking for coverage for one, your entire herd or for buyers at your specialty sales I will go to work for you!

Monthly Herd Health and Nutrition Evaluation

  1. We together look at your current feed program for your herd, talk about what could be improved on if there is any need for improvement.

  2. Per customers request soil/hay/forage/water sampling will be done to see what is needed to improve quality, increasing the efficiency of your herd.

  3. We look over current vaccination and worming schedules. If there is not one in place we develop a yearly protocol to insure herd health.

  4. Lastly we evaluate replacement heifers and older cows that may need to be culled.

Once a baseline is established and improvements are put in place monthly checks are made to ensure cattle are maintaining and improving properly. This process alone will insure the longevity and profitability of your herd.

Bulls For Sale 

Daily I work with producers across the country and get to see some outstanding genetics. Bulls that are listed for sale are vet checked guaranteed sound and come with a 90 day breeding warranty provided by the seller. The final sale will be between you and they seller/owner.  My part is to put my clients in touch with sellers I trust and know personally to ensure you receive the best buying experience possible.

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Seasonal Chute Work

Once a protocol is put into place Paragon Cattle Services will provide you with the proper vaccinations, wormer and other supplements to ensure herd health. Cows and bulls will be vaccinated yearly. Calves will be vaccinated at 

  • 60-90 days old

  • 2-4 weeks prior to weaning

  • At wean time

Replacement Heifers will be vaccinated and wormed at 30 days prior to breeding​.

At 10-12 moths old heifers will also be checked for reproductive soundness and will have a pelvic measurement taken to give the producer an idea of how big of a calf she can handle at two years of age. This will ensure all heifers fit in a productive, profitable breeding program for years to come.


Bulls, cows, calves or bred heifers if you want to avoid the sale barn we have the solution for you. Let Paragon Cattle Services go to work for you and help market your cattle directly from the ranch to the buyer. With smaller numbers the seller may be responsible for shipping but with resources across the country we will do our best to ensure a stress free, safe effective way to market your cattle for you. 

Record Keeping

For some producers record keeping can be a hassle but is vital. So we do the work for you! Keeping everything from breed dates, calve dates, vaccination and worming dates to weaning data. So when it comes time to sell all the information is at your finger tips!

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