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Serving the cattlemen and women of Texas and the surrounding states, Crazy A provides a wide range of reproductive services to breeders of all types.  We take the time to customize programs, specializing in Longhorns and Mini Zebus, but stress to anyone that no herd is too small.  We've provided services to large dairies, commercial beef producers, and the smallest of herds; we pride ourselves in giving the same level of customer service to every customer that trusts us with their livelihood.

New to the industry?

Whether you are completely new to this industry, or just looking for new ways to improve your herd, Crazy A will help you develop a program that's tailored to fit your needs.  Artificial Insemination adds value to your herd by allowing you to breed your cows with proven sires, without having to maintain a bull.

Once a breeding program is established, Crazy A will help you with sire selection based on your individual goals for herd improvement.

Our Breeding Services

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Pure Bred & Commercial Cattle

Frozen Embryo Transfers

FREE Semen Storage



Blood Pregnancy Tests

FREE Semen Storage

We put family first, and understand the stress of moving livestock back and forth, which is why we initiated the 'Bring Them to Us' program.  Not everyone has a full set-up; our ranch in Stephenville, TX can comfortably and efficiently accommodate 20 head.  Our breed box can hold two cows calmly while they are worked on, and has been proven to increase conception rates due to the environment we provide.

We currently offer services for pure bred/commercial cattle & goat artificial insemination, free semen storage, Genex semen, blood pregnancy tests, BioPRYN blood tests, and much more.

Crazy A will house cattle and goats for up to 10 days for breeding, which ensures your animals are observed for heat and also saves everyone the trips back and forth, limiting the stress involved for both parties.

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