Artificial Insemination (AI)

Artificial Insemination is an underutilized tool in commercial cow-calf operations.  AI, as a management tool, improves herd performance, which in turn will boost revenue and create quality genetics.  The biggest benefit in utilizing AI is access to superior genetics, but here are a few more advantages:

  • Low maintenance with no requirement of owning a personal bull

  • Little to no cost for maintenance of breeding bull

  • Prevents the spread of certain diseases and sterility due to genital diseases

  • Progeny testing done at early ages

  • Semen of a desired sire can be used even after the death of a particular bull

  • Allows the mating of cattle with great differences in size without injury

  • Helps maintain accurate breeding and calving records

  • Helps inseminate cows that refuse to stand or accept a bull at the time of breeding

  • Old and injured sires can be used

  • Low cost compared to maintaining/purchasing a bull

AI Breakdown


(Beef Cows)

  • Day 1 - a vaginal CIDR is put in place and a shot of GnRH is given

  • Day 7 - the CIDR is pulled and a PG shot is given

  • Day 10 - AI is performed at a 60-66 hour window and the last GnRH shot is given

*The same protocol is used on heifers, the TAI is moved up to hour 54


The cost of semen can vary by the sire selected and quantity ordered.  Typical commercial semen will cost $10-25 per straw, one straw per cow/heifer.  Sexed semen is also available; with this technology, you are able to select calf sex.  Genex semen gives the client the option to register the calf crop.


After cost is evaluated and a sire is selected, conception rates with AI are discussed.  There are many variables that go in to a good conception rate.  Herd health, weather, and the age of the cow/heifer are very important.  During a herd consult, both the producer and Crazy A representative will evaluate the herd.  If you start with quality foundations, it will help you build a profitable and productive herd.

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